Coating and Processing


Eco-friendly propriety titanium anodizing processes for aesthetic and functional coatings, without the use of dyes or harsh brighteners.

Coating and Processing


TFC’s process uses a low-voltage current and bath cooling to virtually eliminate the common problem of burning and catastrophic dissolution of customer parts to significantly improve the properties of the aluminum.



Family-owned and operated for over forty years, TFC is not just another big job shop and you are not a number. We truly care about the quality of your work and are firm believers in the importance of a strong, mutually beneficial relationship with our customers. We invite you to become a part of our family, you’ll feel the difference!

Quality Assurance


TFC has always focused its efforts exclusively on a select group of processes. This concentration of resources, engineering talent, and energies has allowed the firm to excel at meeting the demanding design requirements associated with these processes. And it means TFC can bring a combination of extensive applications experience and process expertise to bear on the solution to your coating problem. TFC’s depth of expertise in specialized metal coating technologies and problem-solving capabilities are well-known throughout the military, aerospace and medical communities.

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